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Gapshap with sonakshi is about movies and webseries review. I am telling you in this show what binge you can watch or not to watch. I am saving your time and money so please do listen my show on radio udaan every sunday 7 pm and if u missed you can listen on monday 2 pm. <3 <3

Audio described movies

If you love Holly wood songs then RJ Neha is going to take you on a western Musical flight. Once you are on board, music will leave you melodiously rich. Beautiful lyrics and beats will certainly make your day! You can listen to this show Tuesday 7 to 8pm and repeat Wednesday 2 to 3pm

Classic cassette

you ready to know about their untold stories? This revealing show is hosted by RJ Mishti. You can listen to this show every Monday 7 to 8pm and repeat Tuesday 2 to 3pm. .

Talk lia

this is a thriller show based on national and international crime
In this show i am taking lots of national and international crime cases which you will listen on every sunday 10 pm