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Bansuri Dass
Name: Bansuri Dass
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Languages Known: Hindi, English, Bengali
Present City: Delhi
State: Delhi
Country: India
Educational Qualification: PGD Television & Radio Journalism
Presently Working As: Radio Presenter
Achievements: Life
Strengths: My Thoughts
Weaknesses: My Mind
Hobbies: Eat-Sleep-Talk-Repeat
Height: 5’4
Weight: 59
Fashion: Comfort
Passions: Enjoyment
I Love: I guess everything that loves me back
I hate: This question
Nature: All Natural No added Sugar
Humorous Moment Of Life: Arreyy like every other second is hilarious for me
Touching Moment Of Life: When food gets delivered on time!!!!
Favourite Quotation: ~Universe has everything in an abundance for you~
Message for Listeners: Hey You! You are Great the way you are. YASS!!
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